Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based? Where is my Blend Blast shipped from?

We are based in Sydney, Australia and ship your Blend Blast from our office.

How long do I charge my Blend Blast before using the first time?

You should charge your Blend Blast for up to three (3) hours before using, but often charges much faster.  The light turns red while charging and blue once fully charged.

How do I clean my Blend Blast?

Before using for the first time, add water and press the power button on your Blend Blast to rinse.

After using, clean by adding water with an optional drop of dish washing detergent and press the power button on.

We recommend that after each use, you dissemble the blender including the silicon rings and wash separately. Simply dry well and pack the Blend Blast without tightly closing  the lid to allow airing.

Do NOT put your Blend Blast in the dishwasher as it contains motorised components in the base of your Blend Blast.

Do NOT place your fingers inside the Blend Blast or touch the blades.

Can I charge my Blend Blast with any USB port?

Yes you can! You can use the wall plug from your phone charger, computer, car, phone and even a power bank to charge your Blend Blast!

How long does the battery last?

Typically up to 10 drinks, however depends on what is being blended. We do recommend that you charge your Blend Blast between usage to achieve optimal power during the blending process.

Can I use my Blend Blast for hot liquids such as soups?

No! Do not use your Blend Blast for hot beverages or soups as the steam may cause some damage and result in mess after opening. It is recommend that you blend the ingredient cold, and pour out of the Blend Blast and heat them after blending.

Do not pour hot liquids (120/49) in your Blend Blast as this may cause damage to the blender. 

Can my Blend Blast cut through ice?

It is recommended that you pour the liquid components  in your Blend Blast first and then your fruit, vegetable and ice after. Ensure that pieces are not too big, to assist in running your Blend Blast smoothly. If your Blend Blast stops at any time during this process, turn your Blend Blast upside down to regain blending power.

What is the size of my Blend Blast?

The Blend Blast holds 380 ml of liquid capacity.

Is the Blend Blast BPA free? 


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