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Blend Blast
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Buy Australia's Best Portable Blender The Blend Blast is here to serve you the freshest smoothie or shake, anywhere at your convenience. It is designed to be lightweight for easy travel, powerful enough to achieve the perfect blended, fresh beverage on the go. Let’s not forget about the money you...
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About Blend Blast

Blend Blast is a portable, powerful and lightweight blender designed to allow you to make delicious smoothies, shakes, margaritas, cocktails and even baby food in just seconds.

Discreet, easy to clean and lightweight!

After charging your Blend Blast, you can enjoy on average 8-12 beverages on a single charge, simply plug into any USB port and start charging.

Designed using six stainless steel blades to achieve the perfect, blended beverage. It also contains an optional in-built strainer, ideal to keep your beverages chunk free.

The benefits of this powerful blender are unlimited, knowing you always have a healthy option, on the go, simply by the press of a button, your delicious beverages can be made in just seconds- anywhere, just blend.

Let's not forget about the money you can save by making your own beverages, anywhere. No need to pay ridiculous amounts of money for a fresh, nutritious smoothie, juice, shake or baby food.

You can take it to work, out on your daily adventures, to the shops, simply anywhere, anytime.


Blend Blast is your ultimate, lightweight, powerful, portable blender. This compact gadget product is a step into the future, allowing you to conveniently make fresh smoothies, shakes, drink mixes and even baby food- anywhere, anytime in just seconds.

After charging your Blend Blast you can enjoy 8-12 blended beverages on a single charge, simply plug into any USB port or charger and start using.

The Blend Blast uses six stainless steel blades and only food grade material, allowing you to even crush ice with your fresh beverages, all without the need of a kitchen or power outlet.

The Blend Blast also features a built-in strainer to help keep your beverages chunk free and smooth. 

If you are still unsure, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Blend Blast Black - Australia's Best Portable Blender
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